Talk: From Corporate Wage Slave to Complete Independence

I didn’t like windowless offices. I didn’t like car spaces being assigned based on years of service. I didn’t like that in order for my career to “progress”, I had to give up doing what I loved. I didn’t like my salary being determined by an Excel spreadsheet that was indexed against industry norms. I didn’t want to be an industry norm! So I changed it all, entirely independently and against most conventional wisdoms.

In this talk, I want to take you through my journey from corporate wage slave to complete independence. I’ll share the things I did that made this possible and how I started putting things in place many years earlier that ultimately gave me the choices in life to focus on the things I love doing. You’ll see what worked well, what failed, the abuse I got along the way and ultimately, what the spoils of success look like today. This talk will inspire and motivate those who want more out of their professional lives and give them some direction on how to get started achieving their own dreams.