Talk: Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: Gang up on difficult problems with Mob Programming - Jim Pelletier

Mob Programming is pair programming taken to the extreme, where a whole team shares a single keyboard and everyone writes code together.
We'll talk about our first experiments with mob programming at Page Up. Discuss how this could ever possibly be a good idea. And talk about how you'd go about doing your own experiments.


Talk 2: Congratulations, You're an Architect - Stephen Kennedy

So you, or your workplace, identifies you as an architect, what now?
There are countless amounts of available material on software architecture and design patterns, but comparatively little on how to be a software architect. Being an effective architect is a whole lot more than having a toolkit of patterns and practices!

In this talk Stephen will draw upon his years of experience working on architectural solutions and mentoring others. Among other things, this talk will cover:

• Attitudes and behaviours
• Getting your way
• Gaining the respect of the business
• Considerations outside those of a developer

This talk is for practitioners from those early in their software architecture foray, to those just seeking some group therapy.
No UML diagrams, guaranteed!


Talk 3: Simplified Unit Testing with the Entity Framework Core InMemory Provider - Jason Taylor

In this lightning talk, we'll look at how using the EF Core InMemory Provider will simplify your unit testing approach. We will discuss the typical approach versus the simplified approach, limitations, and other considerations. You will walk away from this talk ready to write simplified unit tests for systems that depend on EF Core.


Talk 4: From Web to Conversational UI: A Journey - Alex Sopinka

In this talk, I'll touch on learnings from creating From idea to reality to 500 Startups, I'll discuss developing a successful chatbot, including how we integrated with an enterprise-level .NET web platform, and subtle nuances going from an ASP.NET MVC web background to Node.JS and conversational UI, all while remaining with Azure as our hosting.


Talk: 5 WSL - Windows Subsystem for Linux - Jorge Arteiro

This is a quick overview how Windows subsystem for Linux can help with multi-platform and multi-language development. Let's play with Ubuntu and Linux tools on Windows! I will show you my findings.