Talk: Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: #CANchangeratio - Women in Tech program to inspire more women into technology - Subha Chari

Inspirational talk about launching and running a successful program to inspire more women into technology. Building a pipeline of tech talent by teaching high school girls to code in Sydney. Program will reach its 20th school by June 2017 (around 500 girls and 50 teachers).


Talk 2: Herding cats is easy compared to managing developers - Dom Millar

A short and sharp guide to managing developers.


Talk 3: F# Without Windows - Mitchell Tilbrook

Right so you've picked F# as the language for your next project outstanding, but only one problem, you don't have Windows, so no Visual Studio. The good news you don't need it. In this lightning talk, we will setup, compile and run a F# program using nothing more than a text editor and .NETCore


Talk 4: Site Reliability 101 - Simple techniques you can use to make your website more resilient to failure - Adrian Ubalde, one of Australia’s most visited websites, is built with the expectation that things can and will go wrong in production. Here are two simple techniques that are used to help stop small production failures from turning into disasters.


Talk 5: Create a Consistent, Repeatable and Dependable DevOps process using FAKE - Has AlTaiar

A corner stone of any solution is its build and release process. In this talk, I will demo why developers should use FAKE to build their DevOps process.
There are many build / CI servers out there, and there are even more options for scripting something. However, coming up with something that can be adopted by everybody in the team, easy to use, and dependable, can be challenging. FAKE makes this a lot easier, especially when you have different environments, varying build agents (Windows/Mac/Linux), and multiple challenging build steps. I will show how FAKE could be used to simplify any build process, and I will demo parts of my real world DevOps process.