Talk: More Personal Computing through Engaged User Experiences

The combination of primary tenants of an engaging user experience and the revolution in the Natural User Interface (NUI) provides a great opportunity to enhance the overall user experience of applications.

As the world of NUI evolves, and revolutionary devices like Kinect for Windows pave the path for gesture and voice controlled interfaces, there is a demand for developers to create increasingly sophisticated user experiences in their applications. A touch, gesture or voice optimized experience requires developers to think of visual design in a whole new way and demands a new set of usability skills. This demo focused keynote will take an amusing look at the past and take an impressive look at some of the best NUI software being built today and into the immediate future and will even delve into the NUI of the future.
Over 7 years ago, in 2009, I “tongue and cheeked” a prediction: ‘We are within a Decade of Building the “Holodeck.”’ And the press picked up on that quote. Now here we are with a Microsoft Hololens device that manifests environments which span the chasm between physical and virtual; The ultimate Emerging Experience.