Workshop: Octopus Deploy Workshop

Octopus deploy is tool that makes it easy to ship your products faster and more reliably. It is for developers of all stripes, from small teams developing embedded software for trucks, to large corporations with hundreds of projects and thousands of servers.

In this hands-on workshop, we will cover everything from basic deployment to advanced scenarios such as auto-scaling and tenanting. Along the way we will explore the various building blocks the application provides that make automating your deployments simple. By the end of the workshop you will have the knowledge and experience to implement, configure and maintain an Octopus Deploy enabled deployment pipeline in your organisation.

Developers, testers, and anyone else who has a hands-on interest in DevOps, continuous deployment and automation, regardless of the platform, language or operating system used.

No previous experience required.


  • The Basics
    • Overview, philosophy and limitations of Octopus Deploy
    • Installing Octopus and Tentacle
    • Setting up a deployment pipeline
    • Integrating with your existing build tools
    • The API and command line tools
    • Environmental settings and secrets management
    • Sharing variables and steps between projects
  • Deployments
    • IIS and ASP.NET
    • Windows Services and Standalone applications
    • NodeJS to Linux via SSH
    • Docker
    • Deploying multi-tenanted (aka “white label”) products
  • Cloud and transient environments
    • Automatic deployment to new and transient machines
    • Overview Vagrant, Chef and Puppet for prerequisites
  • Large Organisations and Regulated Process
    • Enforcing deployment workflow with lifecycles, manual steps and approvals
    • Responding to deployment events using webhooks
    • Scaling to many teams, projects and environments
    • PCI Compliance
  • Brand new and upcoming features

Computer Setup
You will need to bring your own laptop. A locally running copy of Windows and SQL Server (Full or Express) with administrative access is required for some of the hands on topics.