Workshop: Running Docker and Containers in Development and Production

Two-Day hands-on classroom based Docker and Kubernetes training

As containers become the standardised way of deploying applications, managing them at scale becomes increasingly difficult if not managed and structured correctly. Teams can end up using different patterns and approaches, leading to fragmentation and difficulties in scaling.

A popular approach for managing containers at scale is using Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a Production-Grade Container Orchestration for running containerised applications. Kubernetes make these applications easier to deploy, administer and scale while being able to automatically recover from failures.

This workshop provides in-depth, hands-on guidance and scenarios on how to start using containers within development, integrating containers into a CI/CD pipeline and scale them in production using Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.


  • Getting Started with Docker in Development
  • Building Docker Containers using CI/CD
  • Scheduling Containers on Docker Swarm
  • Deploying Kubernetes Cluster
  • Scheduling Containers on Kubernetes
  • Service Discovery and Load Balancing
  • Application Lifecycle Management of rollouts and scaling
  • Implementing Logging and Monitoring
  • Running Stateful Services and Storage
  • Troubleshooting Containers, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Deploying Windows Applications to Containers

In the end, attendees will become accustomed to the approaches of building and deploying containers at scale using Docker and Kubernetes.

Participants comfortable with using Linux command line

Computer Setup
Participants will need to bring a laptop to this workshop