Room 4 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

A comprehensive, pragmatic, ethical exploration of Web3

Web3. It's a term and surrounding ecosystem that has taken over our social feeds for the last 6+ months. Let's be honest, it's also a debate; some have even labelled it as a culture war! We are seeing extreme, often emotionally driven, reactions on both sides of the debate. This entire space is so confusing and overwhelming.


In addition, there is lots of confusing terminology and technical concepts and it’s a space that’s evolving rapidly and hard to keep up with. As technologists we were curious what all the fuss was about so we spent months researching the space to understand the good, bad and ugly and make up our own mind, and we did it with an ethical, pragmatic lens.

In this presentation, we'll explore the culture war, cover the comprehensive set of issues we found with space and describe a comprehensive decision framework we created against these issues. As part of that decision framework, we will articulate the pragmatical and ethical implications of participating in this space for each consideration and talk about the stance that we decided to take as a company. Our hope is this serves as a useful resource for individuals and companies to make informed decisions about what you are and aren't comfortable engaging with in this space.

Rob Moore

Rob is the Chief Technology Officer of MakerX where he is building out a new type of services company based on a vision 6 years in the making, including the principles, culture, people, approaches, intellectual property and successful deliveries that form the basis of an amazing company. #makersmake

Rob has a proven track record of successfully delivering software, technology and organisational change projects with a particular focus on accelerated business value delivery, measurement and realisation. Rob specialises in leading teams and helping businesses successfully innovate and change by focusing on the delivery of business value using Agile and Lean values and principles and by adopting DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices. He has a passion for and extensive experience in mobile, web, ethical web3 and cloud software development and Intellectual Property (IP) strategy.