Room 3

14:45 - 15:45 (UTC-11)

Talk (60 min)

A practical approach to operating Data Service tiers on Kubernetes

Many teams are trying to evolve from experimenting with simple “Hello World!” stateless apps to to refactor more complex data-driven cloud native apps, incorporating newer paradigms such as microservices, service mesh, and more. However, operating of these distributed systems still presents ongoing major challenges such as data durability, observability, and High Availability to name a few. How are teams and technologies evolving to deal with this myriad of challenges? In this session we will demonstrate some tools and techniques with a comprehensive practical example based around open sourced K8ssandra, which provides an operator for running Apache Cassandra and incorporates supporting tools into a full fledged data tier. After attending this session, attendees (Devops and Ops audience alike) will get a holistic perspective of the day-to-day challenges of the cloud-native approach -- gain a better understanding of data durability, routine backups and restore, observability, HA and DR. Dissecting the example with a step-by-step approach, will enable attendees to walk away with practical tips for a robust architecture and how to operationalize it. A summary of what you will learn from a cloud-native perspective. Unique challenges of operating a data service on K8S Routine data functions such as backup, restore and durability Observability, HA and DR specifically for a data service Using a Kubernetes operator to help with the operations

Rags Srinivas

Raghavan "Rags" Srinivas (@ragss) works as a Developer Advocate with a mission to help developers build highly secure, scalable and available systems. His areas of focus are containers, Open Source and DevSecOps. His general interest is in distributed systems, with a specialization in Cloud Computing and Big Data. He worked on Kubernetes, Azure, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack and Hadoop during its early stages and helped customers with implementations. He writes for InfoQ, has spoken on a variety of technical topics at conferences around the world, written for developer portals, organized Hands-on Labs and taught graduate and online classes in the evening.

Rags brings with him over 30 years of hands-on software development and over 20 years of solutions architecture and technology evangelism experience. He has evangelized and influenced the architecture of a number of emerging technology areas. He is also a repeat JavaOne rock star speaker award winner.

Rags holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Center of Advanced Computer
Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He likes to hike (has hiked the Everest Base Camp), run and generally be outdoors, but most of all loves to eat. He umpires baseball and generally enjoys watching just about every professional sport.