Room 1 

10:20 - 11:20 


Talk (60 min)

Clean Architecture with .NET MAUI, Blazor, and ASP.NET Core

We've heard a lot about how using .NET to build our UI applications lets us share code across our whole stack, but finding the best way to do this isn't straightforward.


UI code and API code can sometimes seem at cross-purposes and it's not always obvious how using .NET code across your whole stack provides any advantages over using different technologies for your UI and API. It's easy to fall into the trap of underutilizing the right code-sharing techniques. Or, at the other extreme, butchering your architecture for the sake of sharing code.

In this talk, Matt Goldman (author of .NET MAUI in Action) will look at extending Clean Architecture to incorporate UIs built with .NET MAUI and Blazor. See sensible ways to write clean, testable, re-usable code that can be shared across the different layers of your solution, and across different solutions in your enterprise, to optimize efficiency and minimize duplication. We'll also see how to avoid the common pitfalls of over-engineering or under-sharing.

You will walk away knowing how to make full-stack code shared with .NET a reality.

Matt Goldman

Matt is a Solution Architect, Scrum Master, public speaker, author and trainer.

Matt loves making things and uses that passion to fuel his work with .NET, EF / EF Core, Xamarin, .NET MAUI, Azure and Blazor. Matt (author of .NET MAUI in Action) regularly presents at the .NET User Group in 3 states, has hosted SSW's Xamarin Hack Day and MAUI Hack Day, has presented at the .NET Superpowers Tour, and regularly co-hosts SSW's Clean Architecture Superpowers and Clean Architecture Workshop. Matt has also presented at NDC Sydney.

Drawing on a combination of hands-on experience and enterprise governance practices, Matt is able to make connections between business and technology to deliver user and business focused outcomes.

Matt has worked in IT for 15 years, and in addition to his development work has a background in infrastructure and management and consulting.