Room 1

13:30 - 14:30 (UTC-11)

Talk (60 min)

Flexing your Biceps with Azure

No matter how hard we try, Azure Resource Manager (ARM) JSON templates aren’t easy or fun to maintain for enterprise platforms and applications.


Now we can flex our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) muscles using a new tool called Azure Bicep.

Azure Bicep is a Domain Specific Language that puts the fun back into IaC development with a simpler syntax, better code reusability and modularity.

In this talk we are going start by exploring how Bicep works, how we use it, and compare it to other IaC options such as Terraform and Pulumi.

We will wrap up the talk with a live demo to deploy a full-stack application to Azure.

William Liebenberg

William is a Solution Architect at SSW with a strong focus on building enterprise solutions on Azure and enjoys developing great software engineering practices for teams.

William is an active member of the Melbourne developer community where you can find him attending or presenting at user groups, hack days and conferences every time he has a chance!

Recently in his spare time William combined his passion for IoT and BBQing to build his own smoker that can track the temperature and doneness of his tasty treats.