Room 2 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

JavaScript for emails, are you sure?

HTML emails are a time capsule for the web. Tables for layout and inline styles abound. You can't even use JavaScript. Or can you? AMP for email is a project by the AMP Project to bring interactivity to emails. We'll take a look at what this means for email development, the abilities it affords us in progressively enhancing our communications and demonstrate how to build an interactive email live. Is this the future of email or a really bad idea? Together we'll work it out.


Phil Nash

Phil is a developer advocate for Sonar and Google Developer Expert. He's been in the web industry for 10 years building with JavaScript and Ruby. He can be found hanging out at meetups and conferences, playing with new technologies and APIs or writing open source code online. Sometimes he makes his own beer, but he's more likely to be found discovering new ones around the world.

Phil tweets at @philnash and you can find him elsewhere online at