Room 1 

15:00 - 16:00 


Talk (60 min)

Let's build a media app with Blazor

This talk is all code and no slides. You'll experience a whole app-building process, from "new project" to publishing. And it won't just be a boring app: we'll make an audio library browser that can find and play files, plot waveform graphics, and even transform audio data with pitch-shifting.


Along the way you'll learn many tips and techniques for effective modern Blazor app building. This will include using some brand-new JavaScript APIs and .NET 7 features. Plus, we'll have a strong focus on maximizing performance. We'll even get to use some major *future* Blazor WebAssembly features including real multithreading.

This is a mid-level or advanced talk which assumes you already have some web, .NET, or Blazor background.

Steve Sanderson

Steve is working as a developer for Microsoft in the team that brings you the ASP.NET technology stack, IIS, and other web things. Previously he developed .NET software as a contractor/consultant for clients in Bristol and beyond, plus wrote some books for Apress, such as Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework. From time to time, he speaks at user groups and conferences, and recently have been running a bunch of training courses on topics such as C#, SQL Server, and of course ASP.NET MVC.