Room 3

16:00 - 17:00 (UTC-11)

Talk (60 min)

The Deployment Architecture of an Enterprise API Management Platform on AKS

API Management is increasingly accepted as an essential part of any enterprise API program. It is also a key enabler of digital strategies. In a microservices architecture, you need a central hub for users to interact with services rather than having them face the complexity of individual services. A mature API management platform like Azure API Management (APIM) service consists of a set of tools that help you aggregate APIs and provides several other functions such as caching, request and response transformation, bundling responses, and versioning. In this fast-paced session, we will discuss and demonstrate the common use cases of the API Management platform and some of the common ingress services available in Kubernetes such as Nginx, Istio, and APIM. APIM blends well with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and there are multiple ways to deploy it with AKS in a Virtual Network (VNet) as follows: 1. APIM as external g/w to AKS 2. APIM as internal g/w to AKS 3. APIM as an ingress service in AKS We will discuss the use cases for choosing the best deployment strategy for the APIM gateway that suits your needs.


Rahul Rai

I am a self-driven technology leader with proven skills in leadership, decision-making, and quick learning. I have over 13 years of hands-on experience in cloud and web technologies. I apply emerging technologies and processes to bring efficiency to enterprise technology operations. As a leader, I have successfully established and led engineering teams and designed enterprise applications to solve organizational challenges. I foster innovation, collaboration and bring improvement to engineering teams.

I have authored three books and a free workshop on Microservices orchestrators and Service Mesh: Azure Service Fabric- Microservices with Azure, by Packt, Kubernetes- Kubernetes Succinctly, Istio- Istio Succinctly, by Syncfusion, and Fast Track Istio Workshop on Katacoda. I am an active Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), and DZone MVB (Most Valuable Blogger). You can connect with me through my blog:

Tarun Pabbi

Tarun works as a Solution Architect in Sydney, Australia with over fifteen years of work experience. He has extensive experience working as a Cloud Architect with various MNCs throughout the world.

As a Cloud Architect, he worked on large-scale and complex IT engagements for enterprises and helped them build new applications and migrate existing applications to the Cloud. He worked for over four years with Microsoft, where he was primarily working on Microsoft Azure solutions. He has also worked with an Augmented Reality startup,, to build an Automated Interior Designer product for Real Estate Developers. He has worked extensively on cloud computing and IoT applications and has extensive experience working on cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP.

Tarun has authored two books on Kubernetes and Istio.