Code Club @ NDC Sydney 2017

NDC Code Club is offering 4 free workshops for youths to attend at the Sydney Hilton Hotel on Tuesday 15 August from 17.00 - 21.00

Each attendee needs to bring their own laptop to be able to follow the labs. Find the right workshop below:

Computational Thinking Exercises with Elizabeth Betbeder-Matibet - Beginners aged 7-9. No prior coding experience necessary.

This workshop will introduce many of the computational thinking concepts behind coding. Elizabeth Betbeder-Matibet has over two decades of experience inspiring and encouraging inquiry and discovery in primary-aged children. Currently Coordinator of Inquiry Learning at Meriden Junior School, Liz uses games, movement and play to get kids thinking in a way that will lay the foundation for programming. Parents are encouraged to attend this workshop with their children and each child will go home with some great resources to help them continue their journey of discovery.

Build 2 Games in 2 Hours with Andrew Coates - Ages 10-12. No prior coding experience necessary.

Join Microsoft Developer Evangelist Andrew Coates for a journey of discovery and creativity. In this workshop you’ll use the free TouchDevelop environment to build two great games that you can get your friends to play. You get to decide what the games look like and how hard they’ll be and you can put them online to show off your newly acquired skills.

The art of Taming the Machines with Buddhike de Silva - Ages 10 and above

Look around you, do you notice that we are surrounded by more machines than our own kind? Do you feel intimidated? Fear not any more. Join us for a journey to learn how to tame machines for fun and profit. You will feel safer to be human.

What you will learn
-What are machines made of?
-How to talk to them with a programming language
-Tools you need to build a program
-Basic programming blocks
-How to build some fun, interactive programs with BBC Micro-bit.

Prerequisites: None
What to install on computers: Modern browser – IE 11+, Chrome or Firefox latest.

Magikcraft - Learn to code by casting spells in Minecraft with Josh Wulf - Ages 8 and up

Magik is a power that has people do impossible things by saying special words. Get magik powers in Minecraft as you cast spells in JavaScript that change the world. Magik is being lost in the land of Kigam, and you and your friends must find how to bring it back. Bring your laptop with the latest version of Minecraft installed, and learn magik with Josh Wulf from

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

* Please note that the Pocket Edition (iPad) and the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft will *not* work. You need the full normal edition of Minecraft. If you experience issues purchasing it from, buy a Minecraft gift card from a retailer such as JB HiFi or Big W.


If you want to get a head start, we recommend you check out the great courses on Pluralsight.

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