The NDC Sydney Agenda Committee

The people behind the NDC Sydney agenda.

Norman Noble

Norman Noble has worked in software development for over 22 years. Working across all aspects of delivery, he is super passionate about helping technology teams be more productive whilst growing their capabilities. Norman is a polyglot who loves exploring new approaches and languages. In his role as a Technology Practice Manager at he is able to pursue his passions whilst working at a company with a great purpose. Norman lives in Melbourne with his wife and two young children.

Damian Brady

Damian is a Cloud Developer Advocate specializing in DevOps. After spending a year in Toronto, Canada, he returned to Australia - the land of the dangerous creatures and beautiful beaches - in 2018. Formerly a dev at Octopus Deploy and a Microsoft MVP, he has a background in software development and consulting in a broad range of industries. In Australia, he co-organised the Brisbane .Net User Group, and launched the now annual DDD Brisbane conference. He regularly speaks at conferences, User Groups, and other events around the world, and is an occasional guest on various podcasts like .NET Rocks and Hanselminutes.

Aaron Powell

Aaron is a Technical Pre-Sales Consultant at Readify and Microsoft Front End Web Dev MVP. By day he spends his time in all facets of .NET development and by night he explores crazy ideas like writing your own implementation of numbers in .NET, creating IoC in JavaScript or implementing tic-tac-toe using git commits.

Fabien Ruffin

Fabien has been in the web development industry for over nine years, most of them working with Microsoft technologies. He has been busy building microservices in .NET and is passionate about continuous delivery and automation. Over the past few years he has also spent a significant amount of time learning the ins and outs of Amazon Web Services. He has lived and worked in France, but now lives in Australia where he currently works for , a leading property platform, as Technology Director.

Nigel Parker

Nigel Parker is chief engineer for Microsoft Asia’s Commercial Software Engineering. His job is to seek out solutions to hard problems. But for him, it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the impact technology can have on people’s lives. In his own personal project, Nigel set about using technology to turn his health around and create better, stable habits.

Nigel believes as machine intelligence becomes more developed, humans must make sure they keep up and build symbiotic intelligence to expand human capability in ways that are both tangible and magical.

Duncan Hunter

Duncan works as an Australian software consultant, founder of Foodzone, Pluralsight author who travels the world speaking at events and training technology professionals.
Duncan is an Angular expert and divides his time with between training and upskilling teams to implement best practices with Angular, growing Foodzone and working for clients writing code.

Andrew Coates

A Civil Engineer by training and a software developer by profession, Andrew Coates has been a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft since early 2004, teaching, learning and sharing coding techniques. During that time, he’s focused on .NET development on the desktop, in the cloud, on the web, on mobile devices and most recently for Office. Andrew has a number of apps in various stores and generally has far too much fun doing his job to honestly be able to call it work. Andrew lives in Sydney with his wife and two pretty-much grown-up children.

Kjersti Sandberg

Kjersti Sandberg is the founder of ProgramUtvikling AS, and has organized the NDC Conference from the very beginning. Her daily job is with the professional areas of sale, marketing and business development. Here role within this year`s agenda committee has been to liaise with speakers and present good ideas.

Jakob Bradford

Jakob is the general manager of the NDC conferences. His role in the committee is making sure we don’t select more speakers than we can fit in the agenda which is a hard job with so many good suggestions (even with 7 tracks). He sometimes nags about budgets, but the committee usually doesn’t care.