Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter Greenleaf Enterprises CTO and Virtual Realist

Twitter @StravrosTheGeek

Stephen is the CTO with Greenleaf Enterprises, a Brisbane-based consultancy specialising in global food networks.

Stephen has a diverse background in technical consulting, business, rail, insurance, utilities and emergency services managing the end-to-end delivery of technology projects and has now leapt into another industry new to him, food networks and agriculture.

Stephen started his IT career in the late 80’s developing insurance applications in Pascal and since then has ridden the crest of numerous technological tsunamis, from the birth of the internet as we know it in the early 90’s, through to the introduction of mobile phones and mobile internet.

With recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality, we're riding the crest of another technology wave. Stephen is champing at the bit to explore how these technologies can be applied in food networks, agriculture and other industries and to share his learnings with developers, businesses, and enthusiasts alike.

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