60 Minutes to Accessibility

Accessibility /ack-sess-ah-bill-la-tee/ [noun]
"a powerful magic word used to instantaneously summon a project manager to your desk, to kindly remind you that no blind people use your products."

In many web and mobile projects, accessibility usually falls in the 'too hard' basket -- and it's not difficult to see why -- if you hit 'print' on the complete WCAG2.0 Guidelines, it fits onto a whopping 206 single-sided sheets of paper.

Fact: you don't need to read a single page of WCAG to start making your product more accessible and a better experience for all your users.

Let me show you how you can do it in 60 minutes, comes with mildly ranty, but mostly informative commentary on the side.

Tips & tricks for popular front-end frameworks included: React, React Native, Vue, and Angular.