Talk: How success can take you to the brink of failure: a case study

What if your success is your downfall? This could easily have been the case when it came to a very large enterprise agency and its rapid adoption of Octopus Deploy.

When Accenture first installed and configured Octopus, scale was not in mind. They did not know the level of successful adoption that was about to take place. Before they knew it a new team was signing up every few days to use a system that was not designed for the load it was about to be put under. When we got involved, the server needed daily resuscitation and fire fighting, and the team responsible spent the majority of their time trying to keep the system running instead of on-boarding new teams. I will talk about the structure that was, how Octopus Deploy HA came to be, and how it took a year to transfer 300+ teams from an unstable group of servers, to a sysadmin’s nirvana in the cloud.

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