Async demystified

Do you struggle to understand async/await in C#? How it works and why?
I did. So I asked the best - the author of async, Stephen Toub. This talk is summary of the most interesting insights from him that helped me and my colleagues on CoreFX team to finally truly understand the magic behind async/await.

The talk will cover:

  • History and evolution of asynchronous programming patterns in C# and their problems. Leading to async/await and demonstrating the "why" behind its design choices.
  • Touch on the "how" it works behind the scenes.
  • Reasons for customizing and hyper-optimizing async for high-performance areas (like Networking stack).
  • Touch on related building block - ThreadPool.
  • Hands on sync-over-async pattern and associated problems. Workarounds in your code if you hit it. Potential solutions in future .NET versions.