Beyond infrastructure as code DSLs

What if I told you that there was a way to use TypeScript (also python and GO) to declare your infrastructure. Once you do, there is no turning back, this is the next step in infrastructure as code.

Pulumi is a new generation open source infrastructure as code tool which opens up a new world of amazing possibilities without making your team learn a new language. It allows you to write code to declare your infrastructure, write tests for that code, then it will manage your infrastructure allowing you to preview changes against any environment just like you would expect from a good infrastructure management tool.
It also opens up a number of opportunities like easily being able to create composite resources, wrap APIs as dynamic resources, share your common infrastructure modules using and a whole bunch of other stuff. This will be a code heavy session so having some understanding of AWS/Azure/GCP will be highly beneficial. If you use an infrastructure as code tool, or want to, you need to come to this session.