Talk: Building Docker Applications with .NET - tooling, cross platform support and migration

Docker enables .NET developers to build containerized applications for Windows or Linux. Windows containers support full .NET Framework applications, which makes for a great migration story. With AspNetCore developers can target both Linux-based Docker containers or Windows containers. In either case you can now develop your applications on Windows using your favorite .NET developer tools - then build Docker images and run them as containers on Windows Server or Linux machines.

In this session, you will learn to build AspNetCore applications that can target either Windows or Linux containers, without any changes to your code. You will also learn how to build or migrate full .NET Framework applications and deploy them as Windows Containers. Topics include common considerations as you work locally, running local Docker containers, preserving as environment settings, choosing the right base image, working with IIS or Kestrel, composing multiple containers, and working with a Docker Registry.

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