Talk: Building Native iOS Apps using React Native

React Native is an open source library from Facebook and Instagram that allows you to write your mobile apps using JavaScript. A React Native app consists of both JavaScript and a native code (either Java for Android, or Objective-C for iOS). The JavaScript code runs in a virtual machine on your mobile device and communicates with the native code through a JSON message passing interface.

With React Native, you code the UI of your mobile app using a set of components in JavaScript. These components are then rendered natively on the respective mobile platform. For developers, React Native supports live reload and hot reload, allowing you to immediately see the changes you have made to your app without lengthy recompilation and redeployment. What's more, React Native supports live updates, allowing your app to be dynamically updated without republishing to the AppStore or Google Play.

In this session, you will learn how to use React Native to build iOS apps. You will see how to start building your iOS app within minutes and understand how live reload, hot load, and live updates work.

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