Busting the Func'ing Jargon

Does "currying" sound like a tasty dinner to you? Do "algebraic data types" give you flashbacks to high school math classes? Does tail call recursion make you want to turn tail? Do you get frustrated trying to read about functional programming only to be met with a wall of unfamiliar terms and jargon? Then this talk is for you!

It's hard to avoid the influence of functional programming in modern software development. FP ideas and techniques are now pervasive even in mainstream imperative programming languages and libraries. You've almost certainly been using some FP ideas already, even if you don't know it! In this talk we'll gradually walk through the very basics of functional programming and learning that the fancy jargon isn't really all that complicated after all! We'll pick up some basic F# along the way, but the jargon-busting will help you understand an FP library in any language.