Creating a Progressive Web App Part - Part I

Over the last year there has been a lot of chatter about Progressive Web Applications (PWA) your interest has been piqued but it is still sitting on the back-burner.

In this workshop we going to dive in and take an existing web application and updating it to provide a PWA experience.
In the first pass we will hand-roll all the pieces for making a web app PWA compliant.

  • Creating a manifest file
  • Implementing the service worker and different caching strategies
  • Handling POST when off-line
  • Adding notifications

In the second pass we will look at achieving the same ends using Workbox that rolls up a lot of the functionality required to work with service workers, and reduces the boilerplate code required from the developer.

Computer setup:
Attendees will need to bring a laptop with the following installed:

  • node >= 8.11
  • npm >= 6.2
  • .NET core/sdk 2.1.4
  • Git
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Chrome
  • Visual Studio (optional)