Creating & Maintaining Impactful Dashboards'

Creating useful dashboards and visualisations is difficult. Figuring out what information should be displayed, where, and why can be confusing. How do you make a dashboard concise yet informative? How can you ensure it’s fit for its audience be it director or developer?

Let’s explore the many ways in which you can take your dashboards from dirty to dazzling. The conversations for creating a great dashboard, useful patterns, and danger signs when your visualisations need love. We’ll cover some of the processes of maintaining dashboards and keeping them useful. Many aspects that might help you on your journey to creating and maintaining dashboards in the wild.

Join me to find out how you can utilise the power of dashboarding for monitoring software and projects. How to improve your current dashboards, and what to do when building new ones. This is a high level talk, suitable for everyone, no matter your role in a company.