Git as Blockchain

You and your co-workers want to keep track of who picks up the check at lunch. But they can't be trusted. Build a solution in Git that keeps things fair without trust.

The solution: blockchain!

In Git, it's a shared repository; in blockchain, a distributed ledger. Where Git has commits, blockchain has blocks. Git uses SHA, and so does blockchain. Discover how blockchain technology actually works by building a blockchain using Git. Along the way, you'll discover features such as:

• Wallets
• Proof of work
• Mining
• 51% attack

By the end of this demonstration, you will know how blockchain solves the zero-trust problem. You will clearly see its limitations. And you will discover what you are sacrificing for that solution.

Learn several patterns that you could use to solve the problems you really have. But the problems that blockchain solves best, you don't have. That's why you don't need a blockchain.

But if you really do, here's how they work.