Talk: GraphQL - A query language to empower your API consumers

The API economy is here, fueling disruption across many established industries. REST, as specified in Roy Fielding’s seminal dissertation, has become the architectural pattern of choice for APIs and when applied correctly allows for clients and servers to evolve in a loosely coupled manner. There are areas however where REST can deliver less than ideal client experiences. Often many HTTP requests are required to render a single view.

While this may be a minor concern for a web app running on a WAN with low latency and high bandwidth, it can yield poor client experiences for mobile clients in particular. GraphQL is Facebook’s response to this challenge and it is quickly proving itself as an exciting alternative to RESTful APIs for a wide range of contexts. GraphQL is a query language that provides a clean and simple syntax for consumers to interrogate your APIs. These queries are strongly types, hierarchical and enable clients to retrieve only the data they need.

In this session, we will take a hands-on look at GraphQL and see how it can be used to build APIs that are a joy to use.

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