Talk: HTTP/2 - The future of the web today

Client side web technologies continue to advance at breakneck speed. The quest to deliver richer user experiences is relentless and due to the limitations of HTTP/1.x, we have been forced to develop various workarounds (domain sharding, spriting, resource concatenation and inlining) in a bid to optimize performance.

HTTP/2 has been designed with the modern web in mind and eliminates the need for such compensating hacks. In this session we'll take an in-depth look at web performance optimization; the best practices that have evolved; the game changing new features of HTTP/2; and most importantly what you need to do to deliver a world class HTTP/2 experience:

- Why domain sharding, resource concatenation and image sprites are now anti-patterns
- How server push is effectively resource inlining on steroids
- What new best practices are possible with HTTP/2
- What techniques to apply during the transitional period from HTTP/1.x to HTTP/2

Additionally, we will look at the tooling available for working with HTTP/2 traffic and how we can ensure that we're getting the full benefit of HTTP/2 both client and server side.

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