Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: Am I a Good Developer? - Emad Alashi

"Am I a good developer", a questions we probably ask ourselves every day. We, developers, are in a continuous quest to discover our value within our community, we always try to measure ourselves, and often in doubts of our skills and capabilities.
The question though is, how?! How can we evaluate ourselves? "Am I really a good developer"?

In this lightning talk, I will share with you questions I found extremely important in this journey, the answers to which will give you a valuable gauge that you can use to answer the ultimate question, and it will open your eyes to the path of being a "Good developer".


Talk 2: Have lunch and impact on your company! - Nelly Sattari

Not all companies are as forward thinking as you might expected and you might planning of leaving those companies because of that.
However, there is always a way to fix the issues. At least you can try! I will show you how you can have lunch in your company and impact the culture, technology and behavior in your company. and become a star!


Talk 3: Finding your tribe. It all starts with community - Megan Mallin

As a tech professional, there’s a good chance you are or have been part of a community. Whether it be a Meetup, Slack or Facebook group, contributing to an open source project or part of a recognised community program, how do you know if a tech community is providing you with the knowledge, connections and insights you need to survive and thrive as a technical professional?

During this talk, I’ll catch you up with the latest trends in tech communities, share with you where like-minded peers are hanging and celebrate those that are helping to make tech communities more awesome. Whether you’re looking for a new tribe, want to know who is shaking things up or just looking for inspiration, I’ve got you covered.


Talk 4: Developing great tech videos on a budget - Stephen Carter

Want to produce your own tech videos that are engaging, with your own unique touch, but thought the setup costs would be too great, or the learning curve too steep? Well you can, and for less than you probably think! You’ll come away from this session knowing what equipment you need, the software tools, resources to help you along the way and presentation tips to get you kick started.