Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: Let the Data Tell the Story - Has AlTaiar
Let's be honest, most people get bored when we show too many graphs and numbers. How can we use storytelling techniques to communicate our data and insight? In this brief session, I will share with you key techniques and tools for effective storytelling in Power BI. Although the talk focuses on Power BI, most of the techniques can be applied everywhere else.


Talk 2: Design non-relational database in a relational world - Negar Ghanbari
After years of designing and developing object-oriented systems, I see almost everything in the world as an object. With that mindset, data model and schema design in relational databases isn’t very hard; but what about scalability, performance and other benefits that non-relational databases bring to the table? In this talk, I’ll share a few rules of thumb that helped me with designing data models for non-relational databases.


Talk 3: Let's Talk Crazy: Blockchain + AI - Michael John Pena
In this lightning talk, the speaker will explain how Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can correlate and conflict each other. This short session will explore how Blockchain being `deterministic` with its nature of immutability and AI being `probabilistic` by making it solve problems by understanding patterns and making predictions.


Talk 4: The trust in Open Source Software - Vatsalya Goel

Every day developers rely on Open Source Software to deliver value and add functionality in their projects. While these Open Source projects are essential to any mature software, have we taken a step back an analysed whether the code it safe? Is this trust misplaced?

This talk will go through ways we can bring the trust back and give developers the confidence to add these packages in their projects. We will look at how malicious code can be added to these packages, what actions can be taken to prevent such packages from being added to our source code, and finally what steps need to be taken if a vulnerable package is found in our source code.