Migrating and evolving your legacy applications by leveraging the power of Kubernetes

Kubernetes officially supports Windows nodes and now with support for coming from managed Kubernetes providers such as Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) we are entering exciting times for teams looking to migrate and evolve their legacy applications (such as those built with the full .NET framework).

This talk will show how legacy applications can be containerised (in some cases without access to the application source code).
Once containerised these containers can be run in a Kubernetes cluster and managed by Kubernetes.
Finally as we evolve applications we create new components which often have to work alongside legacy components, so we'll show how we can use the networking capabilities of Kubernetes to manage and route traffic between these legacy components and new components.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to create windows containers (at a high level due to time constraints)
  • Deploying these into Kubernetes
  • How traffic management can give them options for evolving their legacy applications to modern replacements with lower risk and with a simplified management approach.
Knowledge of containers and Kubernetes is useful although some of the high level concepts will be covered.