Talk: Real world PowerBI

What if you never had to touch one of those pesky, ever changing, frequently ambiguous reporting stories in the product backlog ever again?

PowerBI is a software as a service platform which can be used to put the power of creating reports and dashboards directly in the hands of business users, letting them explore available data and constantly adapt reports and dashboards to current needs. These dashboards can be incredibly interactive and powerful, and can be embedded directly into your apps.

In practice, it can be tough to get this right! Business users are often unfamiliar with raw data that applications make available, and can find it tough to keep reports current with rapidly changing apps.

In this talk, I'll cover some tips and tricks learned from real world PowerBI usage, and taking advantage of some new PowerBI features, show how we can apply all our usual software development practices to this system to create a powerful, easy experience for everyone.

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