Selling DevOps

You can’t buy DevOps but you can sell it. DevOps isn’t a tool and it isn’t a person. In smaller companies you might be able to make changes, but in larger organisations you don’t have the power to make the executives listen, or the time to put in the research and numbers to help make decisions. I spend a lot of my day selling DevOps. I sell strategy and culture. I sell proposals and reports. I sell benefits. And I try to convince execs to make choices and spend money. So how do you sell something that can’t be bought?

My name is Vanessa and I have DevOps in my job title. I work for a large government department that has a very low maturity in DevOps, for tools, culture and practice. In this talk I will discuss why jobs like mine are important, the kind of work we do, and why we should be utilized by the Developers in the org that are thirsty for DevOps. Just maybe I will convince you why there is room in the world for people with a job in DevOps and why you should reach out to those already in your organisation.