Unity for the enterprise developer

C# has a reputation as an enterprise language, but there’s an entire other industry of developers using C# to build videogames, virtual reality and even films. Unity is a massively popular platform that runs on mobile devices, desktops and consoles, providing an engine for graphics, physics and audio, used by the videogame industry and movies, and even manufacturing and sales. And the scripting logic is all powered by C# and Mono. Hey, I know C#. Fancy building a game?

In this session, let’s take a beginner’s look at how Unity works, from the ground up. We’ll see how to use the building blocks of game objects and physics, and how C# can add animation, logic and interactive to your game. More importantly, we'll spend some time checking out how a Unity project is different to an enterprise C# project - what does the project structure look like? What C# language version can I use? What libraries and packages can I use? What files go into source control? All the everyday, vital little things you'll need to know to work with a Unity project.