Workshop: Building Cross-Platform Apps With Flutter

Historically cross-platform technologies have been a lowest common denominator approach, compromising user experience, performance and appearance in order to cut down on development costs. Now, you can deliver beautiful apps for iOS, Android, Desktop and Web in record time with the Flutter SDK.

In this workshop you'll learn about the fundamentals for the Dart language and how to leverage the Flutter SDK to build high quality apps for Mobile, Desktop and the Web, all from a single code base. The session will be highly interactive, so make sure you bring your laptop so that you can follow along.

At the end of the workshop you'll have a roadmap of how to get started with building your own applications using the Flutter SDK; the resources that you'll need along the way; and where to turn to if you need assistance.

Day 1: Flutter Overview
• Introduction to Dart and Flutter
• What is the Flutter SDK?
• Creating a new Flutter App
• Working with Widgets
• Dev Tools and Experience
• Hot Reload and Dart Dev Tools
• Stateless and Stateful Widgets
• Themes, Scaffold and AppBar
• Layout with Row, Column and Expanded widgets
• Button, TextField and Other Input widgets
• Working with Lists
• Changing Layout with Orientation

Day 2: Flutter and Beyond
• Navigator and Routes
• Navigation Patterns
• Animation
• Fetching and Storing Data
• Desktop and Web
• Architecture patterns
• Plugins
• Build and Release

Prior experience developing for iOS, Android, Windows or Web
Who should attend:
This workshop is for you if you:
• Want to build your first application for iOS and Android
• Frustrated with existing technologies for cross platform development

Computer setup:
Participants need to bring a laptop with the following installed:
• Flutter tooling installed (