Workshop: Developer To Architect

Becoming a software architect is a longed-for career upgrade for many software developers. While the job title suggests a work day focused on technical decision-making, the reality is quite different. In this workshop, software architect Nathaniel Schutta constructs a real world job description in which communication trumps coding.

Key takeaways

  • Discover the skill sets needed to juggle multiple priorities, meetings, and time demands
  • Learn why your best team leadership tool is not a hammer but a shared cup of coffee
  • Hear the best ways to give and take criticism
  • Understand the necessity of writing effective email and formal architecture documents
  • Get tips for delivering confident career-building presentations to any audience
  • Review essential techniques for stakeholder management and relationship building
  • Explore the critical needs for architecture reviews and an effective process for conducting them

Target Audience
Tech leads, senior developers, junior developers, and of course, practicing architects regardless of actual titles.

Audience Level of your workshop
Beginner to Intermediate

Method of Instruction
Lecture plus small group exercises

Neither a laptop nor special software is required for this workshop though your modeling tool of choice (Spark, Visio, OmniGraffle, etc.) is welcome for the exercises. Of course paper and pencil are very effective too and frankly recommended! We will work in pairs or teams. A laptop will be helpful for presenting exercises in class and taking notes but is not required. That's it! Well, and a willingness to participate!