Workshop: React Workshop

React is a JavaScript library for creating high-performing, maintainable JavaScript applications and brings a fresh approach to thinking into the JavaScript community.

Being a declarative user interface library that is un-opinionated about the rest of your application it is easy to reason about it is simpler to learn and master the basics than a full application framework like Angular. Also thanks to the simple nature of React, the patterns and lessons you will learn are transferable to other libraries and frameworks.

Jake found out about React about two years ago, loved it and has since been moving towards using it full time. He has helped build finance applications in London, customer facing portals, done many presentations and now works with React full time at Seven West Media building and many other projects.

Day 1: React fundamentals

  • Introducing React and the Virtual DOM
    • Why React?
    • React's Architecture
    • Advantages
  • Components
    • Props
    • State
    • Lifecycle
    • Styling
  • React with TypeScript
  • Functional patterns and immutability
  • React Router (v4)
  • State management patterns
    • Container/Smart components
    • Redux
  • React v16 & Fibre (New React core)

Day 2: Real world React

  • Architecting a React application
    • Application structure
  • Automated testing
  • Optimising app performance
  • WebPack
    • Production configuration
    • Bundling
    • Code splitting/lazy loading
  • Developer experience
    • Hot Reload
  • Server side rendering
  • What is missing?
    • How to select NPM libraries


  • Understanding of JavaScript fundamentals

Who should attend:

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Want to learn what all the fuss is about React
  • Improve your JavaScript skills, this workshop will touch on many JavaScript patterns and features
  • Take your React understanding to the next level

Computer setup:

Participants need to bring a laptop with the following installed: