Room 3 

10:20 - 11:20 


Talk (60 min)

Advanced TypeScript Type Utilities

TypeScript is quickly becoming the dominant way to write maintainable JavaScript. To keep up with its adaption it had to evolve a pretty powerful type system.


This session will start off with a tour of powerful features like lookup types, mapped types, and conditional types that allow TypeScript types to be highly expressive. These features will incrementally build on each other till we arrive at the full ability to explore the built-in Type Utilities in TypeScript like Partial, Readonly, Omit, Exclude, etc. We will also look at how you can build your own utilities.

We wrap up with real-world libraries that make use of these powerful type functions to provide typesafe schema validation and RPC style API calls over HTTP.

Basarat Ali Syed

Engineering Team Lead at Pepperstone.
Microsoft MVP for TypeScript.
Member of a few OSS github organizations like DefinitelyTyped, TypeStrong.
Creator Atom-TypeScript, grunt-ts,, designtsx.
Author Beginning NodeJS and TypeScript Deep Dive.
YouTuber (Basarat Codes).
Top contributor for the TypeScript tag on Stackoverflow.