Room 5 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

Building Efficiency and Sustainability In The Cloud

Building sustainably is more than just using the cloud to reap those massive economies of scale.


Whilst you can optimise hardware and leverage cost models to reduce cost and optimise hardware, it does nothing from a Co/2 point of view.

Have you considered the programming language you use as that 'Hello World' can take up to 3x more energy in some every popular programming languages.

Join me in this session as I illustrate how you can build a Well Architected and Sustainable tech stack

Shane Baldacchino

Shane is an accomplished senior technologist in the online, systems and automation space. Having held various roles with ASX/Fortune 50 companies, AWS he is now the Chief Architect of Microsoft Australia.

He is a seasoned presenter and was the co-host of the AWS TechChat podcast to which is listened to by more than 1M people.