Room 4

13:40 - 14:40 (UTC-11)

Talk (60 min)

Coding in the Cloud with GitHub Codespaces

GitHub Codespaces allows you to be more productive, faster. Whether you're making your first commit to a new project, working from a tablet on the go, or coding at your desk, there's something for you.


In this session, we'll explain how Codespaces works, walk through how to get started, and show you plenty of tips and tricks to help you be super productive. Come learn how to set up your ideal dev environment in the cloud!

Damian Brady

Damian is a Developer Advocate at GitHub and loves all things DevOps.

Formerly a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft for 4 years, and prior to that a dev at Octopus Deploy ( and a Microsoft MVP, Damian has a 20+ year background in software development and consulting in a broad range of industries.
Damian regularly speak sat conferences, User Groups, and other events around the world.

Most of the time you'll find Damian talking to developers, IT Pros, and data scientists to help them get the most out of their DevOps and MLOps strategies.