Room 3 

15:00 - 16:00 


Talk (60 min)

Effective DevOps for Organizations

DevOps is still hot, but far too often it feels like it makes things harder. This session will help you fix that.


As an IT professional, you're probably in an organisation still figuring out how to implement DevOps. Maybe you have specialist DevOps roles or teams, or maybe you've just renamed some job titles. Regardless, there are fundamentals you should understand and practices you should adopt if you want DevOps to work.

This session will cover the fundamentals, why they matter, and how to effectively apply them regardless of your industry, size, or structure.

Anthony Borton

Anthony is an SE Manager at GitHub where he helps a talented bunch of Solutions Engineers in Australia and Japan do their best work.

Formerly a DevOps Architect at Microsoft (3 years) and a Microsoft MVP (11 years), he has spent his career helping educate organisations on how to be more successful with their DevOps transformations.

Anthony's hobbies include travelling, IoT, Home Automation and all things gadget related.Solutions Engineering Manager @ GitHub